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Here are some of our FAQs which will hopefully help answer any questions you might have.

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If you find that you still have more questions, please get in contact with one of our experts who will answer any of your queries regarding PromoNow.

Who uses PromoNow?

Brand owners, marketing agencies, creatives, promotional consultants, fulfilment and handling partners and other important stakeholders.

How much does PromoNow cost?

Plans start from as little as £199 per month. Within each plan any additional fees for add-on modules, managed services, and allowances are detailed. When making any additional spend, we make it very clear, so it is clear and obvious what you are paying for.

How do we get started?

Request a demo and discovery session with one of our platform consultants. This is totally free, without any commitment obligation. We will guide you on the most suitable plan, and explain in detail brands use PromoNow most effectively.

What's the difference between using PromoNow and hiring a promotional agency?

We care about brand owner control, costs, evaluation and data ownership - PromoNow helps with all of this and managing all of your promotional activity in one place. Agency partners come and go over time, whereas PromoNow is an extension of your brand team, always there like a trusted friend. You invite agency partners onto PromoNow as and when required.

Will PromoNow be able to work with limited time frames and budgets?

Yes. Meeting deadlines can be tricky and finding the right people to get things done can be even trickier, not to mention time-consuming and costly. This is why PromoNow offers various price plans to suit each brand's needs. Extensive features and modules are highly configurable and fully customisable to ensure promotions are built quickly and effectively. Everything you need for a promotion is built-in and ready for your brand to put to use to ensure rapid and timely activation deployments.

What support does PromoNow offer?

PromoNow is here for your brand, from start-to-end. Everything is centralised on our platform so it's easy to get your team, agencies, and others to get clued in to what's happening. We can also help onboard your branding and styles, completely ready for you to use as soon as you start using PromoNow so you can build your promotions right away. We not only have features readily available for implementation; but suppliers and brands are vetted and approved; we also have PromoNow Experts who can support your brand throughout the entire process and make sure your promotion is on-track for success.

What does PromoNow do?

PromoNow is an end-to-end platform for you and your brand to build your promotions. On PromoNow you can plan, take action, and monitor your promotions in real-time for results. We're dedicated to offering features, or modules, that make the construction of the promotional process much easier to build and control with solutions for every activation.

What features and functions does PromoNow have?

PromoNow has several modules that users can incorporate and use to enhance their promotions. With modules like PromoCreate, PromoGames, Recognition Robotics, Promo Digital Handling, PromoCommerce, PromoBots&Text2Win, PromoSocial, and PromoPayouts - there's not a part of promotions that PromoNow doesn't offer support for. PromoNow allows you to also manage your promotions completely on the platform, with live results and dashboards to help your brand monitor the success of your promotions and its progress. Look and measure KPIs with ease.

How does PromoNow ensure an overall positive user experience?

PromoNow is dedicated to security. We understand that nervousness and anxiety involved with trusting your brand's data with external parties. Regulatory practices and best-practices are built in protecting your brand's reputation. Brand marketing is often very fast moving, the platform is highly agile and adept to changes and complex workflows.

What level of security does PromoNow offer?

Architected to enterprise grade best practice and security, and ISO27001 (SOC2 equivalent) certified for - 'The provision of marketing technology and support services for commercial and public sector clients, globally'. By trusting us we will always ensure that sensitive data and information is safeguarded to the highest standards, giving you peace of mind and protecting your brand.

What is PromoNow's insurance coverage?

Our comprehensive insurance coverage provides protection and reassurance to our users. Policies include; Worldwide Professional Indemnity, Cyber Risks, and Crisis Management.

Can PromoNow handle millions of entry participations?

Yes we sure can. In fact PromoNow handled more than 4,000+ participations per minute in a recent brand promotion.

PromoNow brings cutting edge technology and infrastructure to the World's biggest promotions, so they can be run with super speed and resilience. A global network of edge severs delivers solutions from Tokyo, to London, to Los Angeles. - working alongside our asynchronous stack to deliver high volume capability per minute, and top tier 99.98% uptime.