Data Security.

Protect your brand reputation.

Trusted data processor.

Protecting personally identifiable information (PII) is a serious business. PromoNow operates as the trusted data processor, on behalf of brand owners (the data controllers).

PromoNow Security
ISO27001 certified
ISO27001 is the standard for Information Security Management, similar to SOC2. A strict governance model is followed, and our organisation is subjected to independent annual audits.
24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC)
Security operations are a critical line of defence to ensure deployments running on PromoNow remain secure against continuing threats. Bad actors wish to harm brand reputations and steal personal information, our 24/7 SOC keeps them out.
Segregated data warehousing
Data segregation is an important principle to maintain effective security and minimise risks. Brand owners do not want their data mixed in with other brands. On PromoNow brand owner data is fully segregated.
Data encryption
Data encryption converts data into unusable information for those who do not have the secret keys. PromoNow utilises TLS 1.3 for encryption in transit, data is encrypted at rest, and all sites are deployed with HTTPS secure certificates.
Government grade access controls
PromoNow is located within enterprise and government grade cloud infrastructure. Physical sites are protected 24/7 by manned security, CCTV, and door access controls. Networks utilise firewalls, and MFA (multi-factor authentication).
Security trained & vetted
All staffers understand the importance of data security and our responsibilities as data processors, supported by regular training and annual assessments. Data center staff are also subject to DBS criminal record checks as standard.