PromoNow is a managed end-to-end cloud platform empowering brand owners with rapid, scalable and secure solutions for any promotional brand activation.

PromoNow puts brands first and centre, helping to activate, manage and improve on promotional activity. Built with enterprise security to protect consumer data, controls to meet regulatory compliance, such as GDPR/CCPA and regulatory codes, and much more.

Join many of the World's most famous brands and run your next promotion on PromoNow.

Your PromoNow instance.

Bring your brands, teams, agency partners and other stakeholders all together into one place; your dedicated Company instance of PromoNow. Let's say your Company is called Acme Inc, you'll access PromoNow via Brand WorkSpaces are then created, each containing any number of projects, sites, promotions, etc, as needed - taking your multichannel marketing to another level.

1. Your instance is initialised (
2. Your brands and styles are pre-onboarded.
3. Invite brand team users and others, such as creative agencies.
4. Schedule 20 minutes platform training for all new users.
5. Start creating, or get help anytime from PromoNow Experts.

Key features.

Dedicated instance & brand workspaces
Pre-onboard brand assets & styles
Control all promotions in one place
Data safeguarding & compliance
Real time reporting data
Invite team & agency users
Go live in days, not weeks or months
Brand owner control.
People, campaigns, agencies and partners may come and go - but with PromoNow; control, evaluation and data remains with brand owners, always. Or prefer zero-party data? No problem.

User roles and permissions help manage who can see what and when - protecting sensitive information and campaign plans. For CMO's (Chief Marketing Officers) and Shopper Controllers real-time visibility, timelines, and reporting across all promotional activity is presented in the Brand Owner Dashboard.

Data safeguarding & compliance.
Certified to ISO27001, PromoNow prioritises data protection for brand owner Data Controllers. Built with GDPR's privacy by design principle, PromoNow secures participant PII (personally identifiable information) from the point of entry, using advanced data security measures. A 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors and defends against fraudsters, bot compers, and other bad actors.

PromoNow helps improve compliance with promotional regulations, legal standards, and best practices, enhancing governance, auditability, and independence, such as in CAP code-compliant prize draws.
Get any promotion live in days.

Tactical brand marketing opportunities can often present themselves with short and challenging delivery deadlines. In PromoNow, brand pack assets, security checks, legal clearance, other brand owner prerequisites are all pre-onboarded. This helps brand marketers and shopper marketing managers take advantage of more activation opportunities, dramatically reducing industry norms for delivery timelines. Boost your brand activities by 25% - imagine if your brand calendar year contained 15 months instead of 12.
Real time reporting.
PromoNow serves up real time reporting and analytics data, visualising participation entry levels, location signals, user origins and more. Evaluate campaign performance, compare against previous activity and segments data and audience granularity.

Brand marketing works.

Brands understand the power of shopper marketing, promotions and activations. The strategic reasons are many; brand awareness, customer engagement, brand loyalty, market expansion, first party data, and of course increasing sales.

PromoNow is a trusted destination used by many of the World's leading brands and marketing agencies.

Why run on PromoNow?

The platform offers fully end-to-end solutions and everything in between for promotional digital - however this looks for you, PromoNow has solutions. This could be a campaign microsite, entry API, social posts, PPC lead gen ads, or a campaign that is seamlessly embedded in your existing website.

Our infrastructure offers unlimited scale, resilience, and lightning speed for users - all with enterprise grade data security. Finally and importantly, let's talk sustainability; our data centers are 100% carbon neutral right now, and 100% renewable energy is the target for 2025. Becoming water positive is the next goal.

Fair and transparent pricing is an important pillar of PromoNow. Our goal is to make brand marketing, activations and promotional activity easier for brands to plan, budget and execute.
Range of instance plans
Get your brands pre-onboarded
Generous deliverables allowance
Includes real-time reporting
Add modules when you need them
Fixed pricing menu
Spread costs monthly
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Beyond PromoCreate, enhance your instance with add-on modules. Bringing your entire campaign together in one platform; saving your business both time and costs.
Promo Handling, Claims & Winner Management
Recognition Robotics
PromoBots & Text To Win
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Accelerate your shopper marketing strategies and below the line (BTL) activity, helping you reach your target audiences, and elevating your brand to drive your objectives.
On-pack promotions
Social reach & PR
Experiential, sponsorship & events
Trade channel marketing
Retailer activations & POS
Loyalty schemes & points platforms
Sales promotions, sweepstakes & prize draws
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Data safeguarding
Data safeguarding responsibilities are a serious consideration for all brand owner data controllers. With PromoNow as your data processor - you are in safe hands to protect consumer data and brand reputations.
ISO27001 (SOC2) certified
Privacy by design
GDPR controls & SARs
Secure first party data opt-ins
Cookie compliance
Real-time bot & fraud prevention
Enterprise grade security
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